Entry 3-Delorvin

It seems that the creatures of this region ar out of ballance and seem to be more apt to attack folks, even a Druid of the mountain seems fair game for these giant bats, too bad I had to put some of them down they could have made grood companions if events were right.. As far as those nasty goblins it is good to see I am not the only one who thinks there existance is a stain on the natural order.

I find the Dwarf is a Kind and gentle soul even through is rough and tumble exterior, he has shown not only a soft heart for the Elf but has proven to be “a friend to most of the group, if only he could see the potential I see in the Dhraken.”

The human seems to have some potential as a leader, but I am not sure he is mature enough for the task at this moment. He seems conflicted as to how he should be in his role.

How can I help with bringing these fellow adventurers together as a cohesive group.. I may ask the elf for her wisdom in this matter.

Entry 3-GM

Well our adventurers have finally begun their journey, leaving the sanctuary of the clearing Dunmas had prepared for them. They first stopped along the way at the elven tree city and purchased supplies, then continued on towards the Temple of the Twin Sisters. After a few night battles against large bats and goblins, they are now four and a half days out of the tree city and still hale and hearty.

*again sorry for such a brief post but it is late, and I am weary

Entry 2-Rothstrix

I must keep in mind that I am here to not only to further my training but to bring new allies to my leige, even though this Dwarf iritates me I must consider restraint in order to surmise if he is truely an advasary or if its just his way of eliciting friendship… he seems verry uncouth for as he says it sivilized creature… which has yet to be seen. So far the Elf and human have been amenicable but still if we are to get to know one another I may have to break protocal and initiate a direct route of comunication … still my agreement with this halfling will stand I will protect him as he has shown he would do the same for me. for such a small creature he seems to be just as capable as any of us… The wizard has shown great potential for not only combat but leadership as well, I must comend him on his prowess. The fact that he let the prizoners go with a warning shows me his is also honorable. Honor courage and integrity are commendable traits in a leader.. The elfs fighting style is fluid and graceful even after an unfortunate accident that broght her down she continues to strive for perfection in her form. The beuty in her style can be appriciated from a distance I would hate to be at odds with this creature.

Entry 2-Maeldes

The other two champions that Dunmas has chosen have now arrived. A Drakken named Rothstrix and a Halfling named Delorvin. The Hafling did most of the talking and told us of how he and the Drakken came to meet up in the mountains. He was quite friendly and was willing to answer the Human’s and Dwarf’s questions. The Drakken was surprising, though. I had expected the large being to be more … boisterous, and yet he seemed content to let the Halfling do the talking. The Drakken had even taken the Dwarf’s more colorful remarks without so much as showing an unease, and even laughed a bit. I am curious to know if their is more to their friendship relationship than what was told, It seems this Drakken has a caring for this Halfling much like a parent cares for their child. I had introduced myself at the request of the Human, who seemed it best that I introduce myself rather than just having either he or the Dwarf tell the two newest arrivals who I was.

Dunmas still has not appeared, so we are still free to have all five of us investigate the surrounding area without losing our sanctuary, as we have not received our first task yet. We proceeded in a direction that was in opposite to where the Human, Dwarf, and I had found the kobold camp. The Drakken and I were in front of the group. I did not feel like getting hit by his tail, so I decided to walk beside him rather than behind him.

We came upon a trade route road, currently void of any trader caravans, that seemed well used by the amount of tracks on the road. The Halfling had changed his shape and became that of a local bird and circled an area around us. The road itself was bare, the Halfling reported when he returned, but there was some unusually dense bushes and growth north of us that seemed like a likely spot for ambushers. It was decided that the Human and Halfling, now back in his usual form, would walk up the road after giving the rest of us a little time to take up other positions. The Drakken was going to circle around and enter the road north of this possible ambush site. I was left with the Dwarf who seemingly found it necessary to slap my buttocks. I am beginning to wonder if this is common among Dwarf males to do this to the Dwarf females. I had threatened to cut his hand off should he do that again. We had circled around to the east of this ambush site and made our way towards the growth. I was surprised that the Dwarf could actually be silent if he needed to be.

The Human and Halfling came near the growth on the road and coming from the south. I then hear someone different yell “Now!” and the growth rose up. It was indeed an ambush spot and the Human and Halfling were now under attack. I went to attack and became extremely embarrassed and humbled as I tripped over a root and fell down. As much as I would have liked to omit that part of the battle, I find that I cannot. This is due mostly to the Dwarf who had shown a more gentle side, as opposed to his usual gruff behavior, and stopped to offer me assistance in getting up. Quite embarrassed by my fall, I thanked him and we proceeded into battle. The Human had done a very fine job of neutralizing many of our foe by making them sleep with his magic. The Drakken held his own ground with a very large sword and had even sliced an enemy from shoulder to midsection, essentially cutting the foe in half. The Dwarf had used his own head like a battering ram on one of the foes, and did not get dazed by it. Perhaps his very head is as tough as a helm. My embarrassment had fueled my fury and I struck at any foe that was near. Near the end of the battle, I had one who was face down, my knee pushing on his back, one hand pulling his hair (and head) back, while my other hand held my blade to his throat. It seems the Human and Halfling had already interrogated one of these ambushers and said I could let this one go. It seems the Human and Halfling had made it clear to the ambush survivors that they were to find a new life and do honest work, like protecting trade caravans instead of looting them.

We made our way back to our sanctuary. During supper, Dunmas appeared and gave us our first task. We were to travel to the Temple of the Twins to the southeast of us. Once there, it would apparently become apparent of what we actually needed to do. Food and drink that we take with us from the endless supply would remain with us, but once all five of us leave the safety of our sanctuary, that protection will be no more. The Dwarf, in his usual gruffness, made it clear to Dunmas that he would not, in any way, worship those Gods or Goddesses. Dunmas reassured us that that was not our task, but would not speak in any more detail.

The Human has asked me to spar with him. I am wary as it is forbidden for me to teach any non-Elf the ways of the Bladesinger, and I will honor that tradition. If it is to merely spar, I will do so, but I will not teach him, nor any of the others, the way of the Bladesinger should they ask. I must also be careful so as not to injure the Human during our sparring. He has shown already that he is a valuable asset to this group, whether he realizes it or not.

As for the Dwarf, I will retract my threat to cut off his hand should he slap me on the buttocks again – although I will not mention this. Since he had assisted me from my embarrassing fall, rather than just look at me and laugh, I must confess that I am indebted to that action. I guess I will just have to accept any future slaps from him and simply respond by not responding, although it does not make it any easier for me.

After today, I realize that, at least for this journey in its entirety, this is my “family” now, as we will be relying on each other to keep each other safe in the time to come. Therefore, in my future entries, I have decided that I should actually refer to each of the races by their name instead of just referring to them by their race. Nakor is the Human. Azaghal is the Dwarf. Delorvin is the Halfling. Rothstrix is the Drakken. These are their names of which I will use in future entries.

Entry 2-Azaghal

Well the 2 other that were to join us arrived, one being a chatting lil halfing a mountain druid. And one of those foul creatures that came to being after the great change…the draken. The wee one at least is of a class i can related to but knowing that his kind try to claim the mountains as their own in ways i don’t understand nor care for. Makes me skin crawl, especially with how familiar he is with the draken beastie. Gives me da shivers. And although i canst says i like the thing. it seems to be a well enough beast. Maybe has something to do with how the wee lil guy and him depend on one another like a babe needin its mama’s tit to suckle. But at least the huge thing is not a mindless creature like an ogre, Rothrix or somefin like that seems to be intelligent enough. Although he reminds me of the elf all proper and foo foo like.

Speakin of the elfy one. Today seeing her in battle was once again amazing, I have now seen it is not just a wee bit a skill in her being but she would be a great worshipper of the Badger and all his strength n power. Why even those i tease Maeldes with some good ol’ fashion teasing (by salpping her buttom) whens i seen her stumble in the battle my first thought was not to laugh but to help and make sure she did the Badger proud and fight even more ferorciously.

The wee one and his gaint friend aquited themselfs well enough and i would say that the drakens size also is more then bulk but as well as in strength. Me specs i may find meself likin it a lil more. Seein hows he too would be a great worshipper of the Badger if’n he finds imself worthy of such a position. I was quite surprised that Nakor put himslef out there like he did with the ee one. He either saw something I didn’t or felt his need to be able to show he can be an asset imslef. I surely can say i was glad that he choose to use the magic of his to even the num,bers more. Bah not that we ere in trouble but I dinna not care for a prolong fight … i mean lunch was fast approaching.

Well once we showed ourselves capable we headed on back to camp n to the feast taht surely was awaiting us. Just as we were partaking the wee lil Dumbass show isself. Figure ruinin a good meal with his weird lil way and thoughts. Soon to be finding that we haves to be goin to investigate the old “gods” still no reason as to why. I says just so long as we don’t haveta be worshipping those dead n good for noting things.. I can say that this journey is already given me more strength had i stayed at the outpost and had just continued trianin’ . To be honest the path i had been taken was feelin a lil shaky. I now a fews that have taken to this style of fightin’ but still whens i look at the power n dmg i see the elf and draken be doing makes me wonder if i chose wrong. Why even me own fodder thoughts i be a fool. For not taken to an Axe or sword like a proper dwarf. But we have seen how the battle ragers do it although the be usin armour m all. but here i am swing ‘way with lil nect to nothin on and beatin the baddies back with my feet n fists ( and me head that is fun though). At leas me ma n pa seen that i had the good sense to be have’in a clerical background. I sys it helps….. but in all with the last few fights I canna say that I do not like what the Badger has brought me too. Maybe its just me heritage thats got me second thinkin ifin i bes doing the right thing. I guess we shall see shant we now.

Oh n with me ‘elfpin the elf n all me thinks she maybe takin a likin’ to me soes i best be watchin meself, know that Nakor might be havin it in fer her. I would hate to be the one to come between a good matin’. But at least she be knowin now that i truly do hav her back. ….even if in its just to swat her buttom bah ahahaahaha.

Entry 2-Nakor

Well It seems we now have our 2 other group members, and with that we have a very well rounded group. I am pleased with what Dunmas has gathered. Our first time out and we took out a larger group then ourselves. Albeit they were not too fearsome just had us outnumbered. The bandits had just one leader and he was taken out quite nicely by Maeldes, but it seems Asaghal finished him off in fine fashion. I think more for show then anything. I belive Maeldes had done the mortal blow. I think Az just had to considering he had actually been kind; although I know that with our talks, i had informed him how that just attacking doesn’t always make it so a victory witl come. But when i seen him him Mel up after a particularly embrassing trip. It made me think that we could actually work as a team.

It seems the Draken is taking all of Az’s nipping and insults and jokes in stride, which is good since seeing Roth swing that huge sword of his and simple taking them apart leaves me to think that between the Elf and the Draken we have some powerful dmg dealers.Yet still Az for all that he uses only his body to inflict the pain to the enemy had shown that his fighting abilities are quite adept. And can take out an enemy just as well.

Luckily the sleep spell i cast helped to keep the odds in our favour. For in the end we allowed dthe bandits to leave; without weapons or sleeping supplies and told them to make sure they kept to a more peaceful way.

I have found that the realationship is an odd one between the halfling and daraken, it borders on a master and servant relationship. Although they both declare it is not so, yet the draken watches over the wee halfling as if it was a child to be protected or watched over. Not that Dolorvin needs the protection. He seems well enough versed in his art. If anything I fear taht I myself may be the weak link in this group. None of my skills are a strong help but my training my come into play; being one that leads by nature but still working on that skill as it stands. Yet time will tell.

It seems that we are now offf and will be starting our journey soon we have our next place to where we must be. And unless any of our group has needs to get to a city we will be off.
The protective clearing will soon be gone once we are off, I beleive that we are all thinking we will take advantage of what we can of this place as for a good nights rest and food and drink we can carry.

So unless it is otherwise stated i believe our group will be off in the next day or so to the “Twins” and do some investigation. What exactly what we are looking for is unknown; only that we are to know it was we arrive.

Ah and yes I look forward to the sparing with Maeldes tomorrow even if just for a bit. Seeing her fight in action is incredible, i do not think i can truly learn her style or wholly adapt to it, I am sure that in the sparring i will become better in sword play then had i just continued my training with other clan members. For not one of members use this style. And though it might be interesting to spar with the draken his size and power are intimatating. so at some point i will will sparr with them all. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team is key.

Entry 2-GM

Well with another day arriving the elf, human, and dwarf finally met the remainder of Dunmas’s chosen champions. A drakken named Rothstrix, and a halfling named Delorvan. With there arrival at the camp seemingly unnoticed by Dunmas, the five set out for a bit of quick adventuring, after a bit of travel they found and dispatched a group of would be ambushers. After which they went back to camp. that evening as they were enjoying a meal together, Dunmas made another appearance. At which time he told them that the beginning of their journey would take them to the temple of the human deities, the twin sisters. Being unable to tell them more details of the quest, or perhaps just not wishing to, he took his leave to allow the champions to ready themselves for the journey ahead of them.

**(sorry such a short sumation, but as I have been feeling unwell I find it hard to focus, thus limiting my abilities.)

Entry 1- Azaghal

This is Azaghals thoughts:

It was a good day Iz be gettin’ to meet up with a human friend while at the outpost which is become as much as a look out as a trading place fer my dwarven brethren as well as trading with the other five 4 more civilized races. Nakor is much to my liking fer he seems to be much of a conundrum as meself, being one thing and another, yet true to our callings.

So whilst we were chatting and convers’in bout what we could do to increase the depth of our trainin’ we spied a wee lil’ man watching us intently. And as it came to be that he knew we had our eye on him so he proceeded to signal us to join him where he was standing somewhat out of sight. Once we reached him, the wee guy greeted us and he talked quite funny n already I felt he was a lil shifty. And i just had to be given him the funnin being that he was shifty and odd and down right strange, fer he neither looked like anyone race but a mongrel of us all (except for the draken, n rightly so). I mean how could you not he be callin imself Dumas (which sounds alot like dumbass) sos i calls im that fer sure. Which i cans tell rights away he doesn’t quite like but deals with the joke as any good dwarf would.
To the point he thinks we be able to help him and at the same time prove ourselfs champions or our races. Well know he gots me attention; being that now is bout as good a time as any fer me seein’ that iz be free to go adventuring to test meself and me skills.

Besides i cannot let me friend go out on his self and get killed now. And being his kin tend to be a lil less hearty and alot less in livin long, me thinks this is a sign from the Badger god hisself to prove me strength and abilities. So’s of we goes to look for this magical clearing that the dumbass has told us to find and wait fer the others to come. Wait bahhhh!

We finds the place alright and a nice lil’ trek it was, now i won’t says it in front of im but it was a long sure enough walk to this place and i was famished and being as i had long days before’n Nakor arrived at the outpost; i was ready to take a wee nap in one of those tents we seen, and hoping that when dumbass said we’d be provided fer it meant some grub also.
Well we soon find out all the tents be for each of the races even the draken it would seems. So when we decided to find our tents i decided since the feller that was suppose to be here to repersent the draken i would take it upon myself to make sure that it was a safe spot for the beastie.

So Nakor n meself decide we’d be checkin the big tent and just then who does decides to make an appearance why one of those durnned elves. And a female to boot, obviously a fighter of sorts being she had herself longsword and seemed to walk gracefully even more so then ur usual elf type, Nakor decides to jibber jabber with the elf n delay us going to the big tent. I can tell that they both be tryin’ to figger why the other be there and how them came about to being here. After all that be done we’s finally enters the tent while the elf goes to her tent.
I am nearly bowled over by the sight that is afore me, why everything i could imagine and more be on the tables food and drink aplenty enough to keep a good dwarf ‘appy fer a long time. But then me good sense kicks in an i be realizing how’d all this get hear with no ovens in sight and now bodies around to be servin’ this spread. I turn a cautious eye to it all. Well it seems that our good benefactor decides to show izself after the elf lady enters. And the lil guy i calls dumbass proceeds to tell us of our journey and who he is, well not much to my likin being that he keeps double talkin’ and being vague bout direct quetions from Nakor or (dang what is that durrned elfs name again). Thats it me temper takes its leave an i be slaming my fist on the table n calls the wee guy out n tells him to stop his nonsense n to be true with iz words. He continues to try n explain and being that Nakor seems fine with it and knowin’ i’d not be leaving him, i keeps me trap shut and lets things progress.

After dumbass leaves I see Nakor get up and move towards the elf …Maeldes! Thats it…my my why is it that elves have to give themselves the strangest names. So Nakor goes to ….ah ummm bahhh, the elf and proceeds to “investigate” knowin’ he be doin’ his due diligence true enough but sure ‘nuff in communicating with the “purrty” elf type. As well as hopin to be doing a lil’ mating as well. Bah go figger no counting fer taste. Although the elfy does seem to be endowed enough fer one of ‘er type. So I sees the concersation and sees also that the elf is still a wee bit standoffish even though i says to meself, Nakor has not done nuffing that would be ’sidered untoward enough to call fer her coolness,, awell she be an elf they all be a lil to cool fer me likin; they need some fire in them. Maybe is cuz of all the berries they eat. Who knows …but i digress. After watchin’ and eating most of me fill i sees Nakor get up to leave and proclaim he is off to rest til the mornin’ fast.

Well i figures i best do a proper introduction, so being all proper like i brings some berries over along with what i plans to eat. And ask her to join me for a meal n some conversin’. (as i figgered she iz ignorant as a baby squallin’ while u be tryin’ to sleep, refusing a meal with a dwarf, i tells ya elfs have no manners). So after i introduces meself and confirm that nakor has given her the skinny on me abilities. I lets her know that she be welcome to join us as we foray into the surrounding areas in the mornin’ while we “wait” fer the others. She lets me know that Nakor also had done so and relays that she would find this acceptable. (at least she had the good sense to accept the invitation). So I says me g’nights and head off to bed, taking some food with me to “me” tent. Knowing me mornin would come soon fer me katas and meditations.

Well once we (Nakor n meself) get ready we go n find the elf doing some dancing, some very deadly dancing it looked to me. Not that i’ve used a sword but have seen them used afore. And this Maeldes knew how to handle it well. But i knew i could say this to Nakor fer sure he would be a teasin me to no end bout paying a commpliment or something so stupid. Soes I says (not that loud if figured) that the elf sure had some nice breasts on her and her arse is not to bad either. And Nakor could only stand there slack jawed (oh how i love to see that look on him). Well sure nuff the elf has to go n spoil it all and get all upity bout given the thing a compliment.

Well once we get on our way we have the elf lead, Nakor says cuz she bein and elf n all probably be she’d be best at the lead. But know Nakor can survie quite well in a jungle this forrest should not be much harder. Me thinks it was more so he could watch er backside n not get in trouble for it, never knew him to back down from take’n lead on much of anything. But it makes sense somewhat to put the fighter type up front to ferret out anything first. So when we come across the tracks of some beasties and we realize that its kobolds i knew what i wanted to do and i assumed that Nakor would want the same. (get rid of the pest and all their kin). Of course the elf wants to discuss it and trys to sway us with perrty words and nonsenseical thoughts. Well being as it was 2 to 1 Maeldes conceeds (maybe this elf is smarter then she seems).

We find the rotten beasties and once more the elf wants to wiggle out of removing this beasties and their taint on this world. But in the end we all figure we are here we best “find out” why they be ‘ere. So once we be upon them i lets Maeldes know she best get to her perrty lil dancin’ so we can get to takin’ these beasties out of their misiery of livin n breathin’. That battle goes well fer us and i takes some punishment but give them all some punishment of me own. Amd once again surprised at the deadliness that Maeldes uses that blade of ers (maybe not such a good idea to have ‘er want to point the sharp end of that sword at me). Well in awesome dwarf like fashion i gets a hold of the last one n keeps held so that the elf n Nakor can ask this beast a question or two. Once we get what answers we can Nakor ask me ( with a look ) to finish it off, which i do by snappin’ its worthless lil neck. We search the camp n the corpes for anything n find a li bit of jingle *money. Then I see Nakor do a strange thing and start to hack the bodies up; explaining he wants any other raiding party to think twice before coming this way agian.

We head back to the clearing and rest, wash up ( i love me pool i gets for a tub) and enter the large tent to eat evening meal. No real conversation happens. wether this be a good thing or not i be not fer knowing but at least our first battle together showed how well we worked together. Me thinks Nakor is more sly then i first gave him credit for. And when will this halfing and draken arrive bahhhh!

Entry 1-Nakor

It was a good day, the weather was nice and Nakor was going to meet up with a friend of his, one he had not seen in awhile.The meeting place, a Dwarven outpost where they sold and traded with others race was not an issue only the quality of goods to be traded, sold or purchased.

The people of land have been trading with this particular Dwarven clan for many years, well for as many as I can remember at least; being only nineteen yrs old that is hardly many (and for a Dwarf nothing at all). And it was during my time at the trading post I had met my Dwarven friend Azaghal. I believe we took to each other simply out of curiosity, And our ages being both young although for my race I would say I would be the elder comparitively speaking . Yet we found that our purpose and how we to serve seemed similiar, in that we trained in one of the major categories but each us in a different stream then the norm. Their our “twinning” seemed to bring a camaraderie between us.

On that same day, whilst in general conversation we both noticed an odd little creature observing us. Once he seen he had our attention he motioned for us to come over. We looked to one another; shrugged and moved to see what the odd little “man” wanted. Being that where he was located just out of view from all but not hidden we thought it may be a private matter. Introductions were made and a challenge given to us. I myself knew that this was perfectly timed, for my training was at its peak and all I needed now was experience. Considering things were quiet in our town and no new conquests planned, all that I could do as a Militant-Wizard would be to be someones underling (which was not what I had in mind for myself). So I agreed (and hoped that Azaghal would also, his friendship and abilities would definately be a help) and stated I was free to go; being that this would count to my advancement in my role. A role i hoped to fulfill, and show my worth and to stand as one of the protectors of my clan.

After talking with Demaus and both myself and Azaghal agreeing to go on this journey as it seemed this was going to be more than just an errand. We received a map that Demaus had spelled, showing us to a place in the wilderness we should go; to which we were informed we would meet with others, being “other races”; that would be meeting us and joining us on this journey. One that hinted at as becoming champions of our races. I myself was curious as to which other races would be joining us. For I have heard that the elves were at least at one time one of the best races when it came to magic and if I could learn some more of magic all the more and being that I have learned to wield a sword as well as wielding magic if there was another form of fighting to see and gleam from all the better myself and my knowledge. Being that Azaghal’s form of fighting was just too odd and too dangerous for my liking.

So off we went being that we were free to go, we made good timing with my knowledge of some of the land and Azaghal being such a hardy fellow, being he kept to the pace without an effort it seemed to me. We made the place “the clearing”. It did not seem to be odd or spelled per say; yet to be honest I had know wat to check. Yet here it was; there were 5 smaller tents surrounding 1 larger tent. We investigated the smaller tents, finding that all seemed set out for each of the shall we say more common and amicable races. It was at this time Azaghal stated that since no one else was here he had claimed the “draken” tent as his and that the draken could make do with the other tent. I knew this was going to be trouble at some point but being as there was no one here yet why argue the point (knowing it would be fruitless endeavour).

As we decided to look into what the central larger tent would be we noticed a being enter into the clearing, from my limited dealings and knowledge I could only assume that before me was one of the Elven race. And all that I had read or was taught was taught about an elf seemed to be true. I took the lead in introductions knowing how weary elf’s were to all races other than their own. I proceeded to inform her that we had investigated the tents and pointed out which one would most likely be hers. And proceeded to tell her we would be in the larger tent as we were on our way to invetigate this one when she arrived. Also at that time we I had confirmed that her presence was to expected as our own. Talking about a odd little “man” that invited us on a journey.

Once inside the tent we found a smorgasbord of food and drink, it seems that when Dumas had told us we would be taken care of he was not kidding. But still being weary I took only to drinking the water (which was refreshing in itself). Azaghal I could see was beside himself wanting delve in on this feast but weary also of its properties. Shortly after the Maelde appeared and we all partook of the feast. Then Dumas appeared, he informed us that the others would arrive but not today but hopeful in a few days. He did however see fit to answer some questions about this place and was more vague about our said “journey”. He also explained to us how or what he was although it left me still somewhat confused, if I were to take him at his word. After assuring us that we were safe for the time being and that until we begun our journey and our questions answered, he took his leave. That left the three of us on our own. Knowing that Az would be fine stuffing his belly, I decided it best to get to “know” Maeldes better.

All that I knew of elves seemed to be true, aloof, standoffish (if not at times playful though), graceful and beautiful were most absolutely true at least most of what I thought. And although we may have looked similar in age I was not so fooled to believe so. I hoped to engage this red headed beauty in conversation and if luck would have it something more. But I had remembered a rule taught Do Not engage yourself intimately with those you are in command off. And being that this was in my mind formost the play for now could only be flirteous at most. But for now since I am not in command then there is no foul for a foray into uncharted grounds.
As i approached (knowing she would be weary), i first asked if i could sit and join her. I realized I knew nothing of her talents or lack thereof, and proceeded (what i hoped was tactfully) to inquire of her abilities. And also to reassure her I first gave her information on my abilities and that of Az’s. She responded in kind. And upon looking her over seeing her weapons and armour I figured all she said to be true. Then a thought hit me, I’d heard of the talents of the elves with their armour and asked if hers was so, and in her affirmation I grew excited to see the craftmanship of her armour and how it fit her perfectly to her body. Thats when I knew I had to try…..I asked her a question that i hoped she would answer in a postive light. " Do your people also create such armour for your mages as you do your fighters/" Sadly her answer was no. For some reason though I believe Maeldes thought I was making a intimate advancement towards her at the time (she became a little more standoffish). Obviously she had not been around humans much herself. And although I cannot lie and say the thought was unthinkable it was not my intention, at the time. Although I am most certain Az was watching and snickering probably thinking the same thing. I am young and true somewhat fond of the companionship of the fairer sex, I am not (always) driven to think so or act on such urges (although others may think otherwise). After gathering the information I thought I most needed, I stated that Az and I would go out on the morrow to investigate the area (feeling it best and knowing Az would get bored fast) and for now I was off to sleep and would meet her and Az at the breaking of fast.

After also getting a nice soothing wash in a magical tub and being refreshed it was all good for the nights sleep.

After breaking my fast and gathering up Az we found Maeldes practising. And although it was strange to see you could not deny the beauty or deadly attacks that I could see happening if she wear in combat. It was strange and fasinating much like when i first saw Az in combat and also in training. And of course just as I thought it would be nice just to watch this beauty dancing and skillfully slaying her opponents (had there been some) Az had to break the moment by commenting on Mael’s feminine wiles, which she heard and most definately expressed her displeasure in. And even after Az in his own way tried to inform her it was a compliment; she still showed her distain for it. It would seem the elves are not so flirteous as I was lead to believe, although who knows maybe this one is just a little fridged and has yet to know the pleasures of coupling. Although it could be that outside of marriage it is frowned upon as much as our own. Maybe it might just take someone more moral. Anyway as my thoughts wandered I knew why we had come and what we were off to do. Once again we asked if she still wished to join us. And with that we were off scouting the area.

It didnt take long before we found tracks and found the maker of said tracks, when it was finally decided we would rid the world of such wretched creatures we acted. I thought it best that Mel took the lead (figuring she being accustumed to the woods far better then ourselves) and that it was most times smart to send in the “brute” first. (if you could consider Mel a brute). She again asked if we thought this the best course; Az being himself and already frustrated with her hesitence told her to “Get to doing that fancy dancing thing you do n start killin’ these beasties”. And so she did and then so did we all. The battle was short thankful as they were a big enough group that had things gone wrong we could have been in a little trouble. We collected what we could from them and investigated their camp and interrogated one of the kobolds for information before I had Az finish it off. Then I made the decision that should more come through I wanted them to think that something very powerful and something not so belevelent was in this area. I took to cutting the bodies in pieces and severing the heads from the bodies but making sure it was not an animal attack nor one were it was done for feasting but simply a show that would hopefully say “your not welcome, leave or die”. I hoped this is the best tactics.

We returned to the clearing and rest and were refreshed and healed while we ate and went to bed hoping that tomorrow the others would arrive.

Entry 1- Maeldes

I had been practicing all morning and had just paused for lunch. Shortly after I had sat down, I noticed a rather short male of a race that I have not seen. I raised a brow as this male came towards me. He introduced himself as Dunmas. I informed him that I am called Maeldes. He had told me that he had been watching me for some time and that he needed a champion from each race to undertake a journey of numerous tasks and that this journey would last for an undetermined amount of time, but it would be long in duration. I was intrigued by this offer, but I had to bring this matter to the Guild Master before I would be allowed to leave. The Guild Master had consulted the Elders, and I was given permission to undertake this journey. If nothing else, this journey would allow me, as a Bladesinger, to eliminate Elven foes – as is my duty.

I spent part of the night preparing for my initial journey to a safe meeting place. Dunmas had given me a map and made an indicator appear as to the location of this area. This journey would take close to half a day to get there, and thus I had rested after making preparations for my journey ahead. Awaking as the sun came up, I gathered my trusted sword and my backpack, informed the Guild Master that I was now leaving Home for my journey, and then set out to this safe area.

Upon arriving, I noticed a Human and a Dwarf. There was a pause in my step seeing them, but I knew (as Dunmas had told me) that I would be working with them. The other two races that Dunmas had indicated, the Hafling and the Drakken, were not yet seen. The Human had said that there was a tent for each race. Looking around, I had seen five smaller tents and a large tent. The Human had told me which smaller tent appeared to be designed for an Elf, and thus I proceeded to that tent and looked inside. If did appear to have an Elf in mind with the way it was designed inside. I placed my backpack near the bed and left the tent. I walked over to the large tent and went inside.

It was surprising to see such a large variety of food. Apparently, it seemed as though there was foods with each race in mind. I found some berries and took a normal portion and a goblet of Elven Wine. The Human said his name is Nakor and also said his friend’s name is Azaghal. Azaghal sort of just grunted and was sniffing the different foods. The Human and I began talking to each other. He was actually quite pleasant, for a Human, but he did seem to have more than a just a professional interest in me. He was curious about my armor and had asked to touch it. Unsure of the Human’s intent, I had extended my arm towards him for him to touch the armor, rather than allow him to get closer to my being. He seemed genuinely fascinated with the light weight of my armor and was curious as to whether or not Elves made such armor for mages specifically. I informed him that we do not.

Dunmas had appeared and seemed quite content on answering the numerous questions the three of us had for him … although Dunmas was quite vague with many of his answers, stating (many times) that by giving us more detailed answers, it would taint our grand reward when all of these tasks were completed. Dunmas did tell us that the clearing we were in was completely protected, and that we could not become harmed while in its area. He did warn us that investigating outside of the clearing would not offer us this protection, as the protection was strictly confined to the clearing. He had also informed us that, once the other two arrive, and we had received our first task, that this protected clearing would disappear once all five of us left its confines. In my mind, we will, therefore, need to carefully plan our departure and make sure we are well rested and fed before leaving this sanctuary. For once we leave, we will no longer have this protection and we will need to carefully plan our temporary camping sites when we begin our journey. While Dunmas has said that we do not need to keep a guard while we sleep in our sanctuary, I know this will change upon our departure.

Dunmas has left, and the Human had stated that he and the Dwarf were going to investigate the surrounding area of our sanctuary and had said that I was welcomed to join them if I wished. He then left to go get some rest, at which time the Dwarf had moved closer to me. This Dwarf seems friendly enough, but also seems to be quite grumpy. Of course, this could simply be normal Dwarf behavior, as I have not met any of the other races before today. This does not make me completely ignorant of the other races, however, as children are taught about them (to the Elven knowledge of them) and what to look for to recognize them. We are not taught, however, about the other nuances of the races, so I expect that many of their customs and behaviors will no doubt be surprising to me. If nothing else, being exposed to these other races will no doubt add to my knowledge of them. The Dwarf did not have much to say, as he seemed more interested in eating as much as he possibly could. How a race can eat that much is beyond me. Perhaps this is another of those nuances about Dwarves that we Elves are not taught. I did find it rather disgusting that this Dwarf attempted to talk after just filling his mouth with food. He had offered me some berries, but I had already had my share, and thus politely refused the offer. He had also said that he and the Human were going to investigate the surrounding area and again I was welcomed to join them if I wished.

After a rested night, I woke up as the sun came up and went to the food tent. I had my share of berries and only half a goblet of Elven Wine, as I wanted to get some practice in before we left to investigate the surrounding area. At one point during my practice, I heard both the Human and the Dwarf make comments about two aspects of my body. This leads me to believe that these two are having lust thoughts about me. From what I know of their races, it seems that both Humans and Dwarves enjoy having the pleasures of a female with them. Unfortunately for me, I am thus far the only female here. I must remember to seal up my tent at night. I can only hope that the Hafling or the Drakken is a female. I am not sure how I could endure four males trying to impose their desire for pleasure. The thought is unsettling, so I must remain wary. Perhaps, once our journey begins, they will concentrate more on our task instead of having thoughts of what they would like to do to my body to satisfy their lust needs.

We then left our sanctuary and kobold tracks were seen. They appeared, at this point, to be going around our perimeter, as if trying to find a way into our sanctuary. At least Dunmas was accurate when he said we would be safe in the clearing, as it does not appear that they were successful in finding a way in. We followed the tracks around until we found where they left and went away from our sanctuary. It appeared that there were tracks leading to and away from our clearing, so they had used the same path to approach and depart. We followed this path until I had noticed that the usual forest sounds were no longer present. We carefully continued on the path until we came upon a kobold camping site. Using cover to conceal our approach, we were able to get close enough to here a few of them discussing whether or not they were going to attempt to breach our sanctuary again. Given that there was disagreement among them, I suspected that there was no chieftain, and thus this was most likely just a raiding party. We eliminated all but one in order to interrogate it. The Dwarf held him so he could not escape nor attack us. As it turns out, it was just a raiding party ordered to get supplies. They saw our tents and believed that there were supplies in them for them to take. It also seems that their home is two days travel to the west of where we were. After the interrogation, the Dwarf eliminated it, and then the Human went around mangling the bodies. He said it was to let any others that might come upon this place to know that there are dangers (us) that are not to be meddled with. We then returned to our sanctuary for lunch, hoping to see the other two who have yet to arrive. They have not yet arrived, but there was fresh food for lunch.


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